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As all who work in the polio and polio Survivor area know Rotary International, together with its international partners and funders, has been waging a relentless war against the polio virus wherever it may be found around the world. The task has been ongoing for years but now is, and has been bearing fruit. Polio Type 2 virus has been officially declared eradicated in the past couple of weeks and a certificate issued to that effect by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Furthermore, the WHO have declared Nigeria polio free, leaving Pakistan and Afghanistan as the last two endemic countries.

Attention is now beginning to switch towards the 15 million plus polio Survivors around the world who are going to need care, attention and treatment in the years and decades to come. Attached is a ground breaking press release announcing collaboration between the European Polio Union and Polio Survivors Rotarian Action Group, whereby knowledge and resources are to be shared to the benefit of polio Survivors wherever they are in the world.

This agreement is only the start of much bigger things to come in which the EPU will take a leading role and which will lead the way both socially and medically in giving polio Survivors a life with informed care, treatment and attention allowing them dignity and independence. For full press statement see here.

Introducing the European Polio Union(EPU)

The European Polio Union (EPU) is a European umbrella organisation for national organisations that support people who have had polio and for people that are currently coping with Post Polio Syndrome (PPS). The EPU aims, by bringing all those organisations together, to strengthen their force, to learn from each other and to help each other. In some countries in Europe the knowledge and treatment of PPS is (much) better than in others and the aim is to make this more equal all over Europe.

NOTE:  Whenever and wherever possible it is the intention that information on this website will be made available in multiple languages so that the maximum  number of Polio Survivors and support groups can benefit with mimimum effort.  However, translation may take time to complete especially where medical texts are concerned.




Help eradicate polio world wide – click here on this link to the End Polio campaign, sign up to the petition, it costs nothing and every signature ensures another child is immunised.

Forthcoming Post Polio Conference preliminary announcement

Following and building on the success of the events held in Copenhagen 2011 and Amsterdam 2013 the European Polio Union, in conjunction with its members, supporters and partners, is pleased to announce that there will be another further groundbreaking event in Sweden planned for mid 2017 - full details to follow.



Polio Australia will be holding the first Australasia-Pacific Post-Polio Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney between 20 - 22 September 2016. For further details go to www.poliohealth.org.au or contact
Mary-ann Liethof, National Program Manager,
Polio Australia Incorporated,
PO Box 500 Kew East Vic 3102,
Suite 119C / Level 1 / Kew Tower / 89 High Street South,
Kew Vic 3101,

Phone: 0466 718 222 / (03) 9016 7678,

Email: mary-ann@polioaustralia.org.au /

Website: www.polioaustralia.org.au

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