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Polio Selbsthilfe e.V (Germany) TO PUBLISH Dr. P. BRAUER IN ENGLISH - OCTOBER 2012

“POLIO Selbsthilfe e.V.”, a member organisation of the EPU will publish the complete works of the Peter Brauer, MD, a medical author well known in professional fora, in the form of a 228 page paperback book entitled “Aspects of Post Polio-Polio Syndrome”.


The publication of English version will take place around September/October 2012. The book can be pre-ordered by clicking here.

You can read an extract from the chapter “Breathing and Sleeping Disorders in Post-Polio Syndrome” can be read by clicking here:

Announcement: Help Find Solutions

Post-Polio Health International (PHI) in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, is looking for researchers worldwide, although the proposals must be in English, to submit requests for its $25,000 grant to be awarded in December 2012 for research done in 2013. The purpose of The Research Fund is to support projects that ultimately will improve the lives of polio survivors. PHI will provide funds for pilot studies intended to generate data to be used in obtaining larger grants and requests that supplement important research in progress.

The online “Call for Proposals” includes detailed criteria and submission requirements. The reports from previous recipients are online at “Prior Awards.”


Postmark deadline for Phase 1: Friday, May 4, 2012.
Invitation to submit for Phase 2: Friday, July 13, 2012
Postmark deadline for Phase 2: Friday, October 5, 2012.
Final decision: Friday, December 14, 2012.

Joan L. Headley, Executive Director, Post-Polio Health International, including International Ventilator Users Network


Websites:, Polio Place,

Phone: 314-534-0475,  Fax: 314-534-5070

Mailing address: PHI, 4207 Lindell Blvd., #110

St. Louis, MO 63108-2930

All the information given belowis all expert-authored and/or peer-reviewed.

Post Polio Syndrome – Management and Treatment in Primary Care

The Post Polio Support Group in Ireland has published a book entitled “Post Polio Syndrome – Management and Treatment in Primary Care”. Written by medical professionals, including a doctor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech therapist it covers all aspects of Post Polio Syndrome that are commonly met by those working in the community as well as residential and hospital settings. Although only published in English it is free to download and reproduce with due acknowledgement being given. To discover more go to


Post-Poliomyelitis Syndrome

Under the submenu, entitled Post Polio Syndrome, you can read or download, an article by Prof. dr. Frans Nollet about the Post-Polio Syndrome: "Post-Poliomyelitis Syndrome". This article was written for the Orphanet Website.  Orphanet contains the rare diseases encyclopaedia for professionals, and also carries simplified versions for patients.

If you want more information on Poliomyelitis, go to:, where a fuller description of the condition may be read or downloaded. 

Under the submenu, entitled EFNS Guidelines there is  the "European Federation of Neurological Societies guideline on diagnosis and management of post-polio syndrome".

Another good source of information is “The March of Dimes”,


Articles of Interest to the Healthcare Professional


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