On May 12 and 13 the EPU board had a meeting in Leiden. On the 13th the board also had a meeting with Prof. Dr. Frans Nollet in Amsterdam.

Margret Embry was present at this meeting as she was asked to take over the financial part of the EPU from the UK (Helen/Heike). Due to busy work and the recession the UK could no longer do this. Margret accepted to be the treasurer and to open a bank account in Belgium, which is much better anyway as the account then is in Euro (€)instead of British pounds (£). In Lille the AGM will be asked to officially approve this. Margret’s address will also the place where EPU records will be kept, like bank statements, minutes of meetings and other official papers.

On the agenda was the registration of the EPU as a nonprofit organization in Belgium. After the UK put a lot of work into trying to get the EPU registered in the UK as a charity, all parties decided it would be much easier to register in Belgium.

We further discussed the changing of the rules as was on the agenda of the AGM 2008 and will again be on the agenda of the AGM 2009 in Lille. There is a proposal from Spain and one from the EPU board. It will be send to all the members in due time for the AGM.

We then discussed the new version of the flyer, which is being prepared by Hugh Hamilton, the progression of the website (by John McFarlane and Els Symons), the register/questionnaire (Daniel Peltzer, Brigitte Bonnin, Michelle Dives) which is reaching the final stage and the organization and program of the AGM in Lille 19th sept (Brigitte Bonnin and EPU board).

Frans Nollet was invited to be medical advisor of the EPU which he accepted. During our meeting with him in Amsterdam we discussed the organization of the EPU, fundraising, organizing a European conference on PPS for polio survivors ánd for medical professionals (a good opportunity to form a platform of PPS experts in Europe), the research that is currently being done on PPS, our register/questionnaire (Frans will give us his final comments in writing), the EPU website and what to put and not to put on it as far as medical information is concerned. On you Tube you can find the presentation he gave in Denmark with the data he received from the EPU members a few month ago under “Nollet-illustrations”. If Nollet is free on sept 19th he will come to lille and talk about shoulder problems.