The European Polio Union (EPU) was officially founded in March, 2007mainly working on behalf of people in Europe with Post Polio Syndrome (PPS).  This followed an informal discussion at the meeting in Luxembourg led by Johan Bijttlebier, Margret Embry, and Dr. Thomas Lehmann.  Guidelines, Mems, and Arts and objectives were decided.  Then in 2009, the EPU was officially registered in Belgium and took on a structured administrative approach with a Board of Directors, a proper postal address, a bank account, and regular meetings with English as the official language.

The first official Annual General Meetings took place in Rheinsberg in 2008, Lille in 2009, Italy in 2010, and 2011 as part of Copenhagen’s successful medical conference. The  EPU conferences were in the Czechia in 2012 at Janske Lazne, 2013; in Tullamore, Ireland; in 2014  in Amsterdam; in London in 2015;  2016 at Piestany in Slovakia; Lobbach, Germany in 2017; Rheinsberg, Germany in 2018; Lobbach again in 2019. In 2020 we were to meet in Gaiker in Vitoria, Spain, but this was canceled due to Covid. In 2021 the AGM was by Zoom, in 2022 in Prague, Czechia, and 2023 in Nancy, France.