The EPU, its Directors, servants and agents, shall operate in all aspects in accordance with its Registration effective under Belgian law – to read the full document (also known in some jurisdictions as Memoranda & Articles of Association) of the European Polio Union click on the following PDF Document EPU Statutes (temporarily disabled).

Internal Regulations of the European Polio Union – not included in the EPU Mem & Arts

1. Composition of the Board:
Half of the members of the board must be polio survivors and the chairman, who must be a polio survivor, has the decisive vote.

2. Voting system
The EPU has a tiered voting system, whereby full member organizations with the following size of membership, will have the following number of votes:

  25  –   500   polio members : 1 vote
501 – 2000    polio members : 2 votes
2001 + polio members : 3 votes

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