Why we ask for Your Support?

As a voluntary operated association, we do not receive governmental or EU support. We are delighted to be given help to run our AGM from EURORDIS but rely upon the annual membership fees from our organisationsYou will see elsewhere on this website that our aims and objectives and our income and expenses (very frugal) are always discussed at our annual gathering. All directors pay their way and contribute both in cash and in kind. Our main outgoings are bank charges, accountancy fees, website costs, any legal fees under Belgian law, membership costs to groups like EURORDIS and EFNA, and the AGM, at which we try to subsidise attendance costs. We usually have just one physical Board Meeting after the AGM but meet every month via Zoom; directors provide this facility free of charge.

Although, thankfully, polio can be said to be a ‘dying disease,’ there are still many hundreds of thousands of ‘post-polio survivors in the Council of Europe countries who need a unified voice. 

It would be very much appreciated if you could make any donation to support our work.

Thank you from the nine Board Directors.